Get to know Afrin

Setting the Stage “I am a proud Queens girl, and moved to Long Island in elementary school. I always kind of knew that I wanted to be in business, so I moved to Boston to get my degree in Marketing and Computer Science at Bentley College. After I graduated, I spent an amazing summer backpacking… Read more »

The Red Elephant Story

“It was a dark and stormy night.” No wait, scratch that… Once upon a time, a prince met a princess… No that’s not right either, but the Red elephant story does start with a wedding. When Afrin and Iman first founded Red Elephant, it was one of the few event-planning companies in NYC with a… Read more »

How to work a room like a Red Elephant

We’ve been holding and attending more and more networking events. Attending live events has been (and is) the single most effective way for us to meet potential clients and gain referrals. IF you attend it right. Admit it. You’ve been to networking events, and came home with a stack of business cards, and those cards… Read more »